Christina Aguilera Pics

We have the one and only sexy Christina Aguilera here on stage. Look at those fishnets and the way she spreads her sexy legs wide. Her ass is looking nice and slim and her cleavage is looking good. I just love the way those back up dancers have thier hands all over her body

Juliette Loose Ass

Wow Meth does not do a body good. She looks horrible here trying to act like some sort of high fashion model. She really should stick to the trailer park. Atleast in some of her trailer part rolls Juliette Lewis was doa able. Now look at her here with her man legs and meth face. I would not touch this. What about you?

Assinston is Hungry

Jennifer Aniston is hungry in mexico. Here is is stuffing her face in her tiny bikini. Do you think she is trying to eat her way into a bigger booty? Maybe seeing all those big thick latin girls on the beach in Mexico made her feel insecure about her ass? Well what do you all think would YOU?

Mother of the year

Here is our very own celebrity stick MILF of the year. Well mother of the year anyways. It all depends alot on is she has gone nuts if I want to bang her. Some days she is a milf others not so much. Here she is parading aroung in a thong bikini over in costa rica? Does she think they do not have paparazzi over there? Was she trying to compete with Christinas famous rolling stone shoot? I do not get it. Her ass is not exactly perefect in these pics.. Oh well would you hit that ASS?

Aguilera Freak Show

Christina Aguilera Rock The Vote Party pics what the hell is going on here with this look? Who is she trying to look like? I do not get it ? What is this style she has of lack of it . That pink lipstick has got go back to the 80’s. We do not want to see you do this to yourself xtina. It is not working
I would not hit it. Would YOU?
PS Xtina what ever you are trying to look like pease stop. We miss jerking to you

Aguilera Tits

Will they ever stop growing? She is all dolled up here looking more like some pornstar than a singer. Look at the same size of her tits? What do you think they are at now? 34 DD? It has to be they are huge. I have never seen some one become a MILF and the tits grew that big. She looks like she loves slutting it up showing off  those puppies. 

Milo Coon

Mila Kunis just got some new tits. Look how excited she was to show off the new bolt ons. They looks quite full and firm but I bet they are pretty gross without that shirt on. She looks happy with her purchase and also likes to show off her sexy ass and legs. So folks what do you say? Would YOU?

Sophie Monkey Chest

Look who was having a wild night out in Hollywood. Its the one and only Sophie Monk. Look at her parading around looking like a skank. What the hell is she wearing? She look like a homeless bum. Who the heck wears a big red tshirt and dirty old brown boots?

What is this look she is going for ? She does look like her body is in decent shape and her legs look nice and toned.

Xtina Haggered

Is it just me or does she look beat in these photos? Please do not tell me this is the start of the downfall of this hottie. She has been hot for years. Every different look she has had has been HOT. Well all but that one time when got all fat. You prolly remember seeing the pics of aguilera with black hair? She had a huge gut on her and still was trying to pull off belly out clothes.

Anyways enough rambling. What about her in these pics would YOU?

Jessica Simpson Rack

Jessica Simpson has a huge rack we all kmow that but what I really like about this set of hot pics is

1 she is playing at a fair. You know you can take the girl out of the country but you can not get that hick out of the girl

2. You can really see those big tits starting to sag. She will need to  get a lift in the next year or those things will be hanging down past her bellybutton.

Anyways nice pic as I have something to put in that mouth. I already know you were thinking it.  I claimed it frist.